Dr. Gustaf Dalen, a Nobel Prize winning Swedish physicist, lost his sight in an explosion in 1922. During his recovery at home, he became aware of how difficult it was for his wife to prepare the daily meals. It could be simpler. He designed a stove that would be easy to use, and consistent in its performance. Employing the concept of heat storage, he combined a small and efficient heat source, two large hotplates and two generous ovens into one robust and compact unit. The AGA was born. They have been hand made to order from an historic foundry in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire for the past 80 years.


The traditional AGA cooker comes in 2, 3 and 4 oven models. These units are warm and operate at all times. The temperatures are preset. All models come with a boiling plate and simmer plate. The 4 oven cooker comes with a warming plate. The fuel types available are natural gas, electric or propane. These cookers are manufactured in England to order.

A new iteration, using electricity exclusively, is the Total Control Range Cooker. This is available in a 3 or 4 oven model. It can be programmed to turn and offthe temperatures, like the traditional cookers, is preset.


AGA makes a line of open flame units to be installed in concert with the cookers or stand on their own. The burners are open flame and the ovens are electric. Refrigeration, dishwashers and ventilation can be customized to work with the AGA cookers.

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